7 Ways to Make Your Day More Productive

7 Ways to Make Your Day More Productive

Productive work habits keep our bosses happy and our stress levels down. While some of us just can’t flee the office fast enough at the close of the workday, there are a few things that help us maintain productive work habits. These tips promote productive work habits and only take 15 minutes at the end of each day.

In that mad dash out the door you might be leaving behind a jumbled, disorganized mess that puts you behind before you even get started the next day. If you want to make a fast break at the starting gate tomorrow, then invest 15 – 20 minutes today preparing your space and organizing your work. Using these productive work habits can help you focus on the tasks at hand right away in the morning instead of wasting an hour getting into the daily groove.

Productive Work Habit #1: Clear the decks

Start by clearing the desk of papers, files and supplies. Jot down notes with your last thoughts or actions on projects, so you can pick up easily where you left off. File project and action folders that may have piled up during the day. Put away supplies, tools and reference materials you’ve taken out. Getting them back in place now will save time the next time they are needed.

Productive Work Habit #2: Contain new material

Make up new file folders for incoming projects, new resources, client and vendor information and such. Save time by using Smead FasTab Hanging Folders with built-in tabs for easy one step labeling.

Productive Work Habit #3: Back-up your work

While system crashes are usually infrequent, that’s little consolation if it happens to you. Take preventative action each day by backing up your work either on an external hard drive, an internet storage site or on a CD/Diskette placed safely in a folder with a Smead Self-Adhesive Vinyl Pocket attached.

Productive Work Habit #4: Write a To Do list

If you want to start the next day with a plan, then get the plan written now, while unfinished tasks, new priorities and lingering details are still fresh in your mind. Review your calendar for meetings and appointments that may require prep time. Noting your To-Do’s on either paper or in an electronic format will keep them handy and easy to find for review and updates the next day.

Productive Work Habit #5: Confirm appointments

Avoid any possible miscommunications by confirming the next day’s appointments by email, voicemail or both as necessary. That way you can head off any problems before wasting time in cross-town traffic.

Productive Work Habit #6: Final email and voicemail check

Take a last scan for new email and voicemail messages that could impact the next day’s plan. Add any urgent tasks that arise from the messages to your To-Do list.

Productive Work Habit #7: Update voicemail greeting

Change the outgoing message on your voicemail to reflect the date and your availability based on your plan. Callers will appreciate knowing when they will next be able to reach you or when to expect a call back.

Using this closing routine checklist will help you start productive work habits and master each day. This will help you stay organized and keep you focused on daily priorities. Just think how much less stressful your evenings and weekends at home will be when know you have everything back at work is under control.

by Louise Kurzeka