A Gift to Your Boss: Better Organization

A Gift to Your Boss: Better Organization

At work, we all function a little better when we are organized. Think about how your place of work would function without some form of organized structure. Things would be chaos! Of course, there are always a handful of people in the office that are not organized. These people may have even hinted about their disorganization but beyond that the topic appears off limits. Perhaps you are even one of those people. You see the situation as the elephant in the office (room) and you’d love to start the change and help the entire office be more organized.

In seeking to better understand the situation, consider the following:

  • Disorganized people know they’re disorganized. They lose things. They’re late for meetings. They frequently feel as if they’ve let someone down.
  • Chances are they’ve struggled with it their entire lives.
  • They’re just as frustrated over their disorganization as others are.
  • They find comfort in knowing they’re not the only ones who struggle with disorganization.
  • Disorganized people almost always want to change; they just don’t know where to start.
  • Disorganized people won’t make changes until they’re ready; until it’s their idea. They’re actually more successful in the long run if they wait to do it on their own terms.

Online Resource

This is where Smead Organomics can come to the rescue! Smead Organomics actually provides personalized and specific answers to the toughest organizing challenges. This online resource will ask you what specific areas you need help in, such as projects, meetings or current/future To-Do items. Next you’ll be asked about your personal work style. Are you visual? Goal oriented? Task oriented? From there you’ll be provided three solutions, including photos and descriptions of products and systems that will help you.

Gift Giving - Taking the Soft Approach

The first step is to go to Smead Organomics and pick out a scenario where you could use some suggestions for improvement. Then answer the necessary questions, complete the steps until you reach the end and print out the solutions suggested.

Using this print-out, tell your coworkers and/or boss about the website. Showing off your solution and being excited about it will help show others that getting organized is easy. Everyone loves being in the driver’s seat of this website. It’s easy, it’s free and you actually get a print-out of the recommended solutions. Now the office will have you to thank for lowering their stress level related to their disorganization!

By: Audrey Thomas, Certified Professional Organizer®