[PODCAST] 297: Five Tips to Deal with Overwhelm

Professional Organizer Angie Hyche talks about the feeling of being overwhelmed and how to help kick that feeling and stop procrastinating.

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1:33 The backstory on Angie’s article: Five Tips to go from Paralysis to Progress

2:30 The first tip – doing a brain dump

4:25 Freeing up your mind by doing the mind dump

4:50 Turning your scribbled list into a format for planning

6:30 Prioritizing your tasks

8:00 Get started – breaking big tasks into smaller ones

8:45 Why perfectionists put off getting started

9:23 Accountability is key

10:40 Building in rewards and playing mind games with yourself

12:00 About Angie and her business

Angie's Website:  www.ShipShape.solutions