[PODCAST] 294: Everyone is Home - Now What?

Professional Organizer Perri Kersh talks about family members suddenly being home during the day (along with their stuff!) and how to adjust to the new normal.

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1:35 Life at Perri’s home now that everyone is home

2:27 Starting with the stuff – what to do with the college dorm stuff

3:55 How to declutter and organize

5:20 Basic spring cleaning tips do right now

6:00 Cleaning out the pantry and fridge

6:53 First steps to take when you need everything done – quick wins

10:10 How to organize the people in your house and their time and schedule

11:30 Having a family meetings and conversations to determine people’s needs

12:30 Eating together and carving out more family time

13:25 What’s the exit strategy – tips on cleaning up the nest once it’s over

14:45 About Perri and her business

Perri's Website:  www.Neat-Freak.com