[PODCAST] 293: Ways to Stay Calm and Cope During a Crisis

Professional Organizer Linda Samuels discusses way we can help ourselves remain calm during uncertain times.

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1:48 Be prepared – this will look and feel different for everyone

3:25 Gather resources, whether it’s national or local alerts; know what’s happening

4:55 Focus on mind and body to try to calm our interior

6:25 Give and receive support – social distancing doesn’t mean disengaging all together

7:55 Still supporting local businesses

8:33 Creating virtual gatherings

9:20 Practice gratitude

11:42 Getting our environment organized

12:45 Making a schedule to determine work and personal time

14:08 Time for retooling and productivity

15:30 Limit your media time

17:06 Smile!

18:08 About Linda and her business

Linda's Website:  www.OhSoOrganized.com