[PODCAST] 292: Working At Home for the First Time

Professional Organizer Louise Kurzeka talks about people working from home for the long haul for the first time and what to expect and how to properly prepare.

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2:35 What are some things to consider when working from home for the long term

3:25 Look at the structure of your day and how to be better prepared

4:15 Setting up a checklist

5:15 Checking your email first thing in the morning

5:55 The importance of breaks and exercise

7:00 De-stressing activities during the day

7:50 Scheduling in kid time if necessary

10:10 The importance of a positive and permanent workspace

11:50 Thinking about your chair – sturdy is key and with a back support

13:00 The portable “command center” for your paper documents

14:20 Planning your day the night before to ensure proper communication etiquette happens during virtual business meetings

15:57 Having dedicated office hours

17:15 About Louise’s business and how she helps people virtually

Louise's Website:  www.EverythingsTogether.com