[PODCAST] 291: Productivity While Working from Home

Professional Organizer Debbie Rosemont discusses how to remain productive while working from home but also knowing when to shut work off.

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1:22 How Debbie runs her business

2:12 What do people do if they don’t have a home office

2:42 Picking a dedicated spot to work and having supplies nearby

3:45 Making your work area portable if need be

5:05 What is the minimum file system you’d put on a desk

7:47 How to separate work from home

9:35 Keep a schedule and your priorities are visible

10:22 Don’t let work bleed into personal time

11:48 Sticking to breaks is important

12:25 Mindset tips to keep you on track

13:34 About Debbie’s business

14:25 Simply Placed monthly membership offerings

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Debbie's Website:  www.ItsSimplyPlaced.com