[PODCAST] 288: Setting Goals for People with ADHD - Part 2

Certified Professional Organizer Ellen Delap discusses goal setting for people with ADHD and why a word of the year could be helpful in achieving your goals.

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1:50 The concept of the “theme word”

2:16 Ellen’s word of the year: Expand and how she came up with that word

2:50 Advice for people when they are trying to pick a word

3:40 Examples of Ellen’s clients words and the meaning behind them

4:40 John explains his “personal development” and how to put that into a word

7:00 Why the word “Thought” for Ellen is so powerful

8:42 The word that John finally came up with – Pause

10:40 Reviewing and checking in on how clients are doing with their words

12:30 Being intentional on where you place the word

13:00 Why you shouldn’t struggle too much with perfectionism

13:20 About Ellen and her business

Ellen's Website:  www.Professional-Organizer.com