[PODCAST] 285: How to Organize A Home Office

Professional Organizer and author Darla DeMorrow talks about the rights and wrongs to a home office, gives us quick tips on how to make them more efficient, and gives a shout out to her latest book!

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1:20 Darla explains her book series and her just-released book

2:35 The genesis of the home office – where it started for Darla

3:56 The estimated number of people working from home

4:30 Why people with home offices can feel overwhelmed

5:40 Why rooms in the front of the house don’t get used

8:31 Home office hacks – using what you have and how to make it work for you

9:30 Make the room reflect your style

11:50 Why people who delay buying filing supplies

14:00 Separate paper and forms from photos and mementos

16:00 The routine of keeping your office tidy and filing your papers – how to handle it

17:55 What to do with paid bills – how long to keep it?

19:45 Darla’s new book: The Upbeat Organized Home Office

Darla's Website:  www.HeartWorkOrg.com