[PODCAST] 278: How to Make Habits Stick

Professional Organizer Ellen Delap discusses changes you can make and the small steps to help break a habit or to make a new one stick.

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1:30 How habits are integrated into getting organized

1:58 Breaking habits down into small baby steps

2:33 Entering dates into calendars

3:20 How to remember to write things down

4:00 Electronic notifications and reminders

5:45 Taking advantage of automation

6:18 Connecting the dots – linking a new habit with an existing habit

7:05 Linking other things and using people to help

9:00 How to get rid of a bad habit

10:00 One bad habit a lot of people have and what to replace it with

11:15 How to make habits stick – planning your imperfections

1:00 Tricks to being accountable

14:00 How to get unstuck

Ellen's Website:  www.Professional-Organizer.com