[PODCAST] 276: Five Ways to Prepare for Your Organizing Success

Professional Organizer Linda Samuels talks about getting your mind set for success when it comes to organizing.

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1:45 Background on this topic

2:50 The number one way to prepare: Do one thing

4:45 Not allowing our minds to fast forward

5:15 Number two: Open up thinking

6:05 Developing a mindful awareness of digging in vs. leaning towards change

8:00 Number three: Say YES to now

8:55 Focusing on the present

11:30 Number four: Embrace the Niksen (the act of doing nothing)

13:05 Doing something without a purpose – giving yourself a break

15:00 Number five: Acknowledge uncertainty

16:05 It’s OK to be unsure and uncomfortable

Linda's Website:  www.OhSoOrganized.com