[PODCAST] 273: Organizing Kids Artwork

Professional Organizer Seana Turner helps us organize the loads of incoming kids artwork and how to display, store, and archive it.

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2:00 How to navigate organizing kids artwork

2:40 What to first consider – where will it live?

4:00 Deciding how to hang the art gallery

6:22 Triaging the artwork

7:45 Digitizing the artwork

10:00 Remember you don’t need to hang up everything

10:39 What to do with the unused art pieces

11:25 What to use for containers and where to store it

12:25 How long to keep pieces up

13:55 Sorting at the end of the school year

15:54 What to do with the 3-D artwork

17:44 What site Seana uses to create art books

18:16 Last minute tips for keeping artwork

Seana's Website:  www.TheSeanaMethod.com