[PODCAST] 270: A Different Way to AID Your Organizing

Professional Organizer Nacho Eguiarte talks about the acronym AID and how it pertains to organizing.

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1:25 About Nacho and where he is located

2:05 The background on the acronym AID

3:09 How Aloofness comes into the organizing picture

4:10 More stuff = more problems and how our stuff does NOT define you

5:20 How to overcome the aloofness

6:25 Goals and standards that resonate with you, not anyone else

7:40 Taking mental issues into consideration

10:22 The I in AID: IDLE impression

12:00 How to overcome the labeling

12:13 The D in Aid: DREAM

12:40 Armor against judgement

13:45 Expressing yourself against those criticizing you

14:30 How to overcome beating up yourself

15:55 Actively reaching for help

17:40 What type of services Nacho offers

Nacho's Website:  www.NachOrganiza.com