[PODCAST] 268: The Connection Between Productivity and Leadership

Professional Organizer and coach Ellen Faye dives in and dishes on how leadership plays a vital role in productivity and getting the systems in place to make sure everyone is on the same page.

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2:12 Why productivity is a group effort vs. single effort

4:07 To have a high performing team, you must have a productive leader

4:45 How to get everyone on the same page when creating a productive team

5:10 Setting clear priorities and focusing on the most important work

5:53 How to meld people when priorities are not the same

7:00 Setting up what to accomplish as a team first and foremost

8:11 Getting systems and process in place so expectations are clear

10:30 Techniques Ellen uses when dealing with clients

11:51 Post-it Planning

13:30 Creating an psychologically safe environment

17:30 Creating a sense of belonging

Ellen's Website:  www.EllenFaye.com