Stuck In A Rut? Strategies to Get You Out

Stuck In A Rut?  Strategies to Get You Out

Are you trying to exercise more?  Eat better?  Save money or get out of debt?  Get more organized? 

All too often we find ourselves doing the same things over and over again, but for some reason we expect different results – or we just can't get motivated to make a change that we know in our heart needs to happen. Here are some tips to help you out of your rut and onto success.

Visualize what things will look like after the change
Change in general is uncomfortable and scary.  To move forward, we need to get past these negative feelings as they are obstacles to our success.  Having a clear picture of what things will look or feel like after the change can be the motivation we need to get started.  Create a vision board and put it in a conspicuous place so you can look at it every day for inspiration.

Get out of your comfort zone
One of the main reasons we avoid change is a fear of the unknown.  But we grow the most when we face fear head on and get out of our comfort zone.  What makes you uncomfortable?  As difficult as it may be, it's important to try things that we fear or avoid.  Maybe you have a hard time meeting new people.  Set a date on your calendar to attend an event this month with the objective to meet one new person.  Do this several months in a row and it will get easier, I promise.  Exposure to what we fear actually helps us minimize the fear. 

Think differently about failure
It takes courage to try something new.  When we do so and it doesn't work out, it doesn't mean we failed.  There always is something that can be learned, even in situations where we are disappointed with the outcome.  When this happens, re-train your thinking to look at the situation as an opportunity to grow and learn.  In reality, there are no failures.  There simply are minor setbacks on our road to success, however we define it.

Get your support system ready
When you take a new path or make a change, the journey can be lonely.  Create a support system of people who will love and support you on good days and bad.  You'll need someone who can give you tough love and urge you to continue and someone who will let you vent and just offer support.  Your support system can help boost your confidence and motivation when things get rough.  It's OK to lean on a friend.

Deb Cabral, Professional Organizer.

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