[PODCAST] 265: Five Tips for a More Productive Day

Professional Organizer Elva Fonseca gives tips on staying more productive and the importance of time blocking.

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1:30 Tip number one: Do a brain dump (or mental backups)

2:50 Tip number two: Eliminating multi-tasking

3:54 Tip number three: Time blocking

4:33 Determining your own time blocks for yourself

6:27 Tip number four: Creating workflows and systems for yourself

7:00 Hacks for creating homes for places

8:12 Example of a client system Elva has helped with

9:30 How to train people to use a new system

11:00 Tip number five: Manage your distractions

12:10 About Elva’s business

Elva's Website:  www.sensationalorganizing.com