[PODCAST] 263: Essential Lists for Organized Travel - Part 1

Professional Organizer Julie Bestry discusses travel and how to NOT be listless. Her five essential lists will make you stop and think before packing your bags.

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1:40 The backstory on how Julie came up with the concept of multiple lists

2:20 The first list to consider: what do you want to acquire

6:50 List number two: your clothing and accessories

7:30 Start with your schedule when determining what to wear

8:40 Look at weather and the 10 day forecast

9:05 Be culturally sensitive

9:45 List number three: everything else that’s not clothing or accessories

13:00 Checklists Julie recommends for international packing: Rick Steves Packing List and Eagle Creek Packing

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Julie's Website:  www.JulieBestry.com