[PODCAST] 262: Helping Students Get Their Homework Done

Certified Organizer Coach Diane Thomson shares five essential tips on how to help students get their homework done.

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1:40 Why students may struggle with schoolwork

2:30 The first tip to helping students get their homework done

3:35 What types of things Diane gets students to start thinking about

4:33 The second element: remembering when things are due

5:30 How to manage to-do’s with students

6:45 When do students have time to do homework and how to schedule it

9:00 The fourth element: planning how long assignments will take

10:55 How Diane helps student estimate time

12:20 Tip number five: managing the task as time passes

13:50 Distractions and how students should handle them

15:20 About Diane and her business

Diane's Website:  www.ThomsonBluePrints.com