[PODCAST] 261: Simple Paper Management

Professional Organizer Darla DeMorrow discusses her work with Habitat for Humanity and how a simple file system is all you need.

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1:23 You are not alone when it comes to paper disorganization

1:56 Paper disorganization does not go away

2:45 The paper management class that Darla teaches

4:01 Habitat for Humanity and getting people prepared for housing

6:15 Paper touches everyone throughout the world

7:21 What Darla teaches in the first 10 minutes of her class

10:16 The simple filing system Darla helps people get set up

12:00 You don’t need a ton of hanging or file folders

13:40 There’s no need to overthink your filing system

15:50 Putting together a tickler system

17:15 How to find a Habitat affiliate in your area

Darla's Website:  www.HeartWorkOrg.com