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Monthly Tips for Staying Organized | May 2019

Getting Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

Summer is finally here, and families across the country are ready to hit the road and get away from it all. Make sure your car is ready for the journey, too. A pre-trip auto checkup could make all the difference. Take good care of your car before you leave, and it will take good care of you out on the road.

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[PODCAST] 258: Getting Organized with Humor

Professional Organizer Julie Ulmer shows the light-hearted side of organizing and how bringing humor to the situation can help ease some pain that may be there.

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Preparing At Work For Your Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be fun – but it's difficult to relax when you're worried about all the to-do's you're leaving behind at the office. You work hard when you're at work, and you should be able to enjoy your time off without phone calls, emails, and business requests chasing after you! That's why having a set of procedures that you follow each time you're away from the office can alleviate some of the stress and reduce the likelihood of a problem occurring while you're gone.

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