[PODCAST] 258: Getting Organized with Humor

Professional Organizer Julie Ulmer shows the light-hearted side of organizing and how bringing humor to the situation can help ease some pain that may be there.

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1:35 An overview of the subject on humor in organizing

2:40 Softening the terminology to discard of your items

3:30 Challenging clients thinking on how they determine if they are going to get rid of things or not

4:45 John tells a Knock Knock joke

5:24 Julie’s typical SOS call from clients

6:26 Helping clients with their “scary” rooms, closets or drawers

7:45 Tips on changing perspectives on how we view our items

9:06 What would an object say to you if it could talk?

10:00 John asks Julie another joke

11:00 John explains the answer to his joke

12:55 How people perceive the action of letting go

14:44 Julie’s salt shaker method and countering a negative with a positive

16:00 Making different games or memes out of the activity going on

Julie's Website:  www.MindingYourManor.com