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Monthly Tips for Staying Organized | April 2019

Time Management Tips: Eliminating Time Wasters

Time management tips are in high demand because so many of us do not know how to properly manage our time. If you ask a group of people to define “time management”, they will probably talk about getting it all done, crossing items off of a list, and being productive. However, the best time management tips do not involve cramming more and more into your day.

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[PODCAST] 256: Five Tips for Enhancing Professional Etiquette - Part 1

Productivity & Efficiency Consultant and Trainer Deb Cabral discusses the do's and don'ts when it comes to professional etiquette.

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Spring Cleaning Your File Cabinet

Spring cleaning isn’t just for home -- and it isn’t just for spring, either! Your home or office filing system needs an occasional deep-clean, just like your kitchen cabinets and closets. So let’s get to the spring cleaning!

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Product Spotlight - Cascading Wall Organizer Gen 2

Free up desk space by using wall space! The Cascading Wall Organizer Gen 2 is a great way to store files vertically! Six removable pockets easily allow you take files in and out and the file collapses and has an elastic cord for safe and secure transport.

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