[PODCAST] 256: Five Tips for Enhancing Professional Etiquette - Part 2

Productivity & Efficiency Consultant and Trainer Deb Cabral discusses the do's and don'ts when it comes to professional etiquette.

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1:15 A quick recap of the first three tips from Part 1

2:03 Tip number four: keep your workspace simple

3:55 Deb shares a photo tip for your workspace

4:45 Keeping the overall look of your desk neat and tidy for a good impression

6:36 Tip number five: be a good listener

7:40 Not only listening but not interrupting

8:15 How to make sure people know you are listening

9:20 Summarizing back to the person

9:50 Tips for written etiquette

11:15 About Deb’s business and how to get a hold of her

Deb's Website:  www.DCEffConsult.com