[PODCAST] 252: Getting Organized with Evernote

Professional Organizer Todd Allan joins us to talk about the Evernote app and the great things it can do to keep you organized.

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1:30 A summary of what Todd’s company does

2:25 What is Evernote and how you can get it

4:15 Are there security concerns with Evernote?

5:00 The connections between digital and paper and some highlights of Evernote

6:31 The level of detail that Evernote can get down to

9:05 How Evernote was the answer for one of Todd’s clients

11:25 How to use Evernote to help organize your finances

12:45 Do people use Evernote for photos?

13:45 Are there third party plug ins or user templates to use?

15:00 Working in Excel with Evernote

16:00 How Evernote and Google work together

16:40 Making your work more productive with Evernote

18:40 How Todd can help you

Todd's Website:  www.StructuredSpace.net