[PODCAST] 247: Overcoming Perfectionism in Organizing

Professional Organizer Janine Adams talks about how to move past perfectionism in order to get organized.

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1:08 A Podcast For Perfectionists

1:45 What kinds of perfectionism Janine sees

2:40 Research on products for organizing

3:10 How perfectionsim keeps you from getting started

4:37 Why you should not clean your house before an organizer comes to visit

5:11 The steps when working with a perfectionist

5:45 Defining the finish line

6:45 Creating a vision for the space

7:36 Dealing with Unrealistic goals

10:10 How the maintenance of the system is key

11:12 What a good organizing system looks like

12:45 Dealing with conflicts

13:34 Triggers that perfectionists have when they know they need to get organized

Janine's Website:  www.PeaceOfMindOrganizing.com