[PODCAST] 245: The Mindset of Accomplishment

Professional Organizer Geralin Thomas talks about accomplishments and successes and how they look different to every individual. And how to look at your accomplishments in a new light!

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3:00 Personality dependent on how we feel about our accomplishments

4:50 Sorting tasks into a grid of urgent/not urgent

6:40 When your own needs get put on the back burner

8:30 How to recover from an interruption

10:15 Building white space into your calendar

13:50 Tips Geralin gives professional organizers to take care of their own business

16:00 How accomplishments look different for every person

17:15 Helping people celebrate their victories

18:10 What is something Geralin see’s with organizers that make themselves feel unsuccessful

19:10 Rules of thumb for hiring outside help

Geralin's Website:  www.MetropolitanOrganizing.com