[PODCAST] 243: Get More Done with ADHD – Part 1

Professional Organizer Ellen Delap discusses how to stay productive and get more done when you have ADHD.

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1:53 The definition of ADHD

2:45 How people with ADHD can get distracted

3:50 Productivity tools for people with ADHD

5:12 Challenges with someone who uses a paper vs. digital planner

6:40 What type of planner Ellen uses

9:21 How to get our workspace set up for someone with ADHD

10:00 Setting up a sorting system and using resources you already have

11:11 Taking only one thing out at a time

11:40 ADD Friendly Ways to Organize – a book Ellen recommends

12:25 How clear does someone with ADHD need to keep their desk?

13:40 How ADHD people work in an open space/team environment

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Ellen's Website:  www.Professional-Organizer.com