[PODCAST] 242: How to Organize an Office in a Small Space

Professional Organizer Amy Tokos talks using her kitchen as her home office and how to make a small (or shared) office space fit your needs.

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1:30 Amy’s kitchen office

2:11 Attacking the idea of a small space office and identifying what you need

3:25 How to corral the seldom used items in a small space or a shared space

4:00 Dealing with files in a small space

4:35 What to do with active files

6:15 What it takes Amy to get her kitchen office up and running

7:21 Where Amy keeps her computer

9:15 How to transition from the office back to the kitchen

10:10 Visual rules that Amy follows and the rules of the “office”

11:35 What must-haves are there for a small office space

1:00 Creative spaces that clients have used

14:25 Guarding from distractions such as pets and kids during the work hours

16:45 Other things to look at or pitfalls to avoid when setting up a small office

Amy's Website:  www.FreshlyOrganized.com