[PODCAST] 241: Productivity Under Pressure

Professional Organizer Kathy Vines discusses the steps and four tools to help you conqueror productivity while under pressure and how to refocus on the positive vs. negative.

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1:31 Why Kathy wants to discuss this topic

3:00 What tools to help and the steps to take to approach your goals

3:30 Possibility. Framing your mindset

4:30 Commitment.  What WILL I do vs. what can I do.

6:05 How Kathy gets clients to this phase

7:54 Acknowledgment.  Focusing on what you did get done

10:25 Being your own cheerleader and getting others to support you

12:55 Kathy gives a client example of being productive under pressure

Kathy's Website:  www.CleverGirlOrganizing.com