[PODCAST] 240: How to Manage a Move with a Cluttered Home - Part 2

Professional Organizer Louise Kurzeka discusses moving and how to handle a move if your home is cluttered.

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1:04 Recap of Part 1

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1:57 Establish “Last Pack First Open” moving boxes

4:37 Having a suitcase for each family member

5:09 Story of a person who is moving and the truck doesn’t show up

7:21 What do when the truck arrives at the new home

8:27 What to do with the boxes that are labeled “Low Priority”

9:22 Time do declutter

10:20 How to fit furniture into a new space

11:11 Evaluate cookware and utensils

11:55 Tips for family pictures

12:24 How not to get overwhelmed

13:11 Seeking outside help

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