[PODCAST] 238: Uncover Usable Space for Your Kitchen

Professional Organizer (and former chef) Julie Ulmer takes us into a small kitchen and discusses everything from storage to cutting boards. And answers that age old question: Do I really need this??

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1:40 How can people work in a small kitchen

2:40 What are the first steps Julie takes when meeting with a client about a small kitchen

3:40 Accessing the prime real estate

5:05 What are the high value spaces that you would attack first

6:33 Taking inventory of what is really necessary

7:20 Thinking outside of the box when dealing with storage

10:20 Alternative ideas to consider when prepping food

11:40 When it makes sense to go smaller

12:50 Rectangular vs. round containers

14:10 Suggestions on where to keep the specialty appliances such as waffle irons

16:33 The non-food items that get stored in the kitchen and what to do with them

Julie's Website:  www.MindingYourManor.com