[PODCAST] 237: How to Increase Your Customer Service and Productivity Using Word Choice

Professional Organizer Laura Kavinski looks into the word choices and phrases we use and how to adjust them to be better communicators in business and at home.

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1:43 The framework of customer service

2:25 The most important thing in word choice: say what you mean and mean what you say

3:26 Email vs hearing someone on the phone when communicating

4:10 Does Laura recommend scripts for Customer Service?

5:15 Opening sentences and how to get people in the right state of mind

6:25 Criteria to make sure you are saying what you mean

7:45 Is putting someone on hold a good technique?

10:50 Laura’s general thoughts on setting boundaries

13:00 Answering and clarifying people’s questions without them even asking

15:40 A few tricks Laura uses to help automate responses

Laura's Website:  www.CruxOrganizing.com