[PODCAST] 236: Five Frightful Foes

Our special Halloween episode and Seana Turner talks about the Five Frightful Foes when organizing and how to side step them or help avoid them all together.

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1:30 Why Seana came up with this concept

2:02 The first foe: Catastrophizing – allowing anxiety to take over and cause the mushroom effect.

3:45 How to turn catastrophizing into a positive thing

6:01 Foe number two: Procrastinating

6:56 How to deal with procrastination

9:25 The third foe: Complaining

10:15 What we are telling ourselves when we are complaining

11:10 Accepting things we cannot change

12:50 The fourth frightful foe: Blaming

13:45 Strategies for dealing with blaming others

15:15 Drawing healthy boundaries if you are the victim

15:45 The last frightful foe:  Quitting

17:21 The difference between cutting your losses and quitting

Seana's Website:  www.The SeanaMethod.com