[PODCAST] 235: Organizing Your Business Papers - Part 2

Lisa Woodruff from Organize365.com discusses setting up a "Friday Business Box" to organize your business papers and what each file in the box represents.

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1:50 Questions to answer when starting to set up an office system

3:33 High level categorization and where to start

4:30 The holding container for Lisa’s active files

4:57 The active files: New Leads, Royalty/Active, Team & Personal Development and Financial/Administrative or Repetitive

5:50 What goes in the Leads file?

7:10 How to know what happens next with the leads files?

8:15 When does an item leave the Leads file?

11:25 What goes into the Royalty/Active file?

13:44 What to do on Friday’s with the Royalty file

15:20 How Lisa coordinates without her to-do list

16:45 What is the big thing to do on Friday’s with the Royalty folder

Lisa's Website:  www.Organize365.com