[PODCAST] 233: Optimize Your Energy to Increase Your Productivity

Debbie Rosemont discusses work life harmony and using the SAVERS acronym for getting into the correct mind set to start your day off right.

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1:57 The concept of time management – we cannot create more time

2:42 Work Life Harmony balance

3:18 Self-awareness and the idea of self-care

4:56 Starting with your physical well-being in your self-care routine

5:45 Starting your day with the right mindset

6:45 Knowing your values and that your activity is in line with them

9:20 Getting your mental state right in order to be more productive

10:40 Debbie shares her morning routine

12:15 The SAVERS acronym for getting into your correct mental state:

12:11 S – Silent

12:44 A – Affirmations

14:12 V – Visualization

15:10 E – Exercise

16:14 R – Read

18:17 S – Scribe

19:00 The five minute journal

The Miracle Morning Book:  www.MiracleMorning.com

The Slight Edge Book:  www.SlightEdge.org

Debbie's Website:  www.ItsSimplyPlaced.com