[PODCAST] 231: How to Get Organized By Understanding Yourself

Professional Organizer James Lott discusses the five personality types and how to address and understand them when beginning to get organized.

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1:35 The biggest questions “How do I begin?” or “How do I start?”

2:23 No Shame, No Blame – figuring out who you are

2:54 The first personality type – “the messy one” and their traits

3:48 How the messy person gets started

5:15 The second personality type – “the concealer”

6:07 Tips for the concealer

7:40 Personality number three – “the procrastinator”

8:45 The buddy system for the procrastinator

11:50 Personality number four – “the showcaser”

12:50 How to get the showcaser started

13:53 The rotation bin and how to avoid throwing things away

14:20 Is it time to get rid of some of your things?

14:45 The fifth personality – “the hoarder or packrat”

James's Website:  www.TheSuperOrganizerUniverse.com