[PODCAST] 229: Ten Ways that I Learned to Let Go - Part 2

Professional Organizer Linda Samuels clears out the house she grew up in and goes through almost 60 years of memories. In this podcast she discusses some steps she took to help her let go.

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1:35 A recap of part one of the podcast

Watch or Listen to Part 1 of this Podcast: CLICK HERE

2:05 How Linda came up with the concept of these 10 lessons of letting go

2:50 The sixth lesson for letting go – writing in a journal

3:32 Linda reads a passage from her journal

4:45 The seventh lesson – saying goodbye with someone else

7:08 Number eight – documenting the memories

9:45 Number nine – providing safe passage and what it means

12:25 The tenth lesson – let go with love

14:05 How to get a hold of Linda

Linda's Website:  www.OhSoOrganized.com

Goodbye Home Video:  CLICK HERE to watch (Scroll Down to #10 on page)