[PODCAST] 227: Happy Home = Happy You

Professional Organizer Sandra Lane discusses two types of clutter and how it affects your well being at home. She also touches on how to address the clutter with the Three A System.

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1:50 Recognizing the clutter and how it got there

2:15 The two categories of clutter

2:30 The Situational Clutter

4:10 The Self-Imposed Clutter

5:05 How does this clutter relate to the Happy Home

6:25 How clutter can be related to weight gain.

7:28 How to break the cycle of clutter and stress

9:50 How to overcome the problem of clutter

10:30 Breaking the process down into the Three A’s

10:40 The first A:  Assess

12:45 The second A:  Assign

13:53 The third A: Acquire

15:17 How much time to allot for this “Three A” process

Sandra's Website:  www.OrganizationLane.com