[PODCAST] 224: Three Reasons You Need Your Important Documents Together TODAY

Professional Organizer Annette Adamska discusses the importance of keeping certain personal documents together and the reasons you should have them accessible now.

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1:37 The backstory behind why Annette covers this topic

3:27 The first topic: an unexpected medical event

4:25 What documents will you actually need

5:30 Where to store things

8:30 The second topic: the emergency evacuation or weather event

8:55 Why it’s important to keep things in the same spot

9:26 What key items to grab if you have 5 minutes to get out

11:17 What type of systems Annette sets up for her clients

12:13 The third topic: emergencies while traveling

13:40 John shares a personal story regarding a travel emergency

15:00 How to get someone set up

Annette's Website:  www.LetsBackUpYourLife.com