[PODCAST] 223: How to Protect Your Time

Professional Organizer Helene Segura discusses protecting your time and the importance of personal vs. non personal priorities.

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1:50 Framing the conversation of protecting our time

2:45 Discussing work time vs. personal time and when they can overlap

3:19 Step number one in Time Protection

4:15 Managing your priorities vs. other priorities and finding boundaries

5:20 How to draw the line between a priority and not a priority

6:45 What to do with your non or low end priorities

7:40 Making sure your personal priorities are scheduled and on the calendar

9:35 How business priorities differ from personal priorities

10:25 How to sort out priorities vs. tasks

11:21 Managing too much!

12:25 When work and personal priorities overlap

13:50 How a calendar comes into play when protecting your time

14:50 Steps to a calendar review session

16:18 Why it’s important to schedule your personal priories first

17:06 About Helene and her business

Helene's Website:  www.HeleneSegura.com

Helene's Book:  The Inefficiency Assassin

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