[PODCAST] 221: Living with Less

Professional Organizer Kathy Vines discussing the concept of Living with Less and what we can do to achieve it in our lives.

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1:30 The background on Kathy’s business name

2:25 Kathy’s book – The Clever Girl’s Guide to Living with Less

2:45 Focusing on psychological and emotional barriers

3:15 The fear of letting go

4:06 The word “need” and how to work through it

5:35 An area (and item!) that most people struggle with

9:00 Another reason people keep so much

9:51 Kathy shares a “chilling” client story

11:20 The Guilt factor

13:35 Kathy’s business and how to get a hold of her

Kathy's Website:  www.CleverGirlOrganizing.com