[PODCAST] 219: Behind the Scenes of an Organizing Business - Part 1

Professional Organizer Geralin Thomas takes us behind the scenes of an organizing business and what it takes to get started and to keep it going.

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3:12 Is there a personality profile of an organizer?

4:35 What is the first area someone has to address to get started in your business?

5:35 The “rookie mistake” that many people make

7:10 Geralin’s error with naming her business

9:00 Ideas on how and what to name your business

9:55 The next step after naming your business

13:19 When Geralin started her business

13:40 Breaking your business into departments

15:30 How to find customers

17:00 The idea of pro bono work to get started

18:02 How to implement Time Management in your business

19:00 Using Productivity and the “systems” in place

21:35 The business forms Geralin uses

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Geralin's Website:  www.MetropolitanOrganizing.com