[PODCAST] 217: Organizing Families - Part 1

We talk with Professional Organizer Amy Tokos about keeping families organized and the importance of family meetings and one key thing that could help save your grocery shopping headaches!

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1:45 The number one issue that comes into play when organizing families

2:25 How to bridge the communication gap between parents and kids

4:00 Making the time to communicate with your family and why it’s important

4:35 Things that are covered at the family meeting

5:50 Getting kids involved in what’s happening with meals

7:15 When to make the shopping and menu list

9:40 Why Sunday’s work for family meetings

10:35 How to calendar out all the activities and do the kids help?

12:30 What else gets discussed in the weekly meeting?

13:22 Being proactive vs. reactive during the meeting

14:30 Why a family grocery list is key

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Amy's Website:  www.FreshlyOrganized.com