[PODCAST] 214: How to Use an Accountability Partner as a Productivity Tool - Part 2

Professional Organizer Debbie Rosemont discusses why an accountability partner can be a great thing for productivity and how to go about choosing a partner.

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1:20 A review on what it takes to pick an accountability partner

3:25 How would a mastermind relationship be different than an accountability relationship

4:40 How often should you meet with your partner

5:40 How often Debbie meets with her accountability partner

9:00 Is there an agenda to follow for a meeting with your partner?

9:30 Debbie gives us her agenda that her and her partner use

10:38 An example email to use with your accountability partner

11:50 How to end an accountability relationship

14:05 Debbie’s program “It’s About Time”

Debbie's Website:  www.SimplyPlaced.com

Debbie's It's About Time Program:  It's About Time