[Podcast] 212: How to Organize and Store Everyday Items - Part 2

Professional Organizer Seana Turner discusses the forgotten "common, everyday items" that need a place to stay in your home.

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1:18 A quick overview of part 1

Watch or Listen to Part 1 of this Podcast: CLICK HERE

2:05 Principles to keep in mind when organizing your everyday items

3:20 Common mistakes people make when dealing with common things

3:52 Not allowing dissimilar things to be stored and mixed together

4:44 Bathroom organizing – setting up different spaces for things

6:07 Inconsistencies on where we keep everyday items

8:55 Being aware of where you are putting things

10:30 Teenagers and dealing with dirty laundry

12:01 A surprising fact Seana found when she did her 30 day organizing challenge

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