[PODCAST] 207: Sunday Basket Organizing Part 2

Professional Organizer Lisa Woodruff talks about her invention "The Sunday Basket" and how it helps keep you organized while saving you hours of time during the week.

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1:25 Quick overview of what the Sunday Basket is

2:25 What happens on Sunday night

3:30 Keeping control of your stuff and how it relates to the Sunday Basket

4:50 Is it OK to put two or three things on a notecard?

6:05 Setting time blocks to accomplish things – is that more efficient?

7:10 How to handle reoccurring events with the Sunday Basket system

8:35 Does a calendar drive some of the events in the basket?

11:32 How Project Management can be used within the Sunday Basket system

14:40 Are the projects part of the initial piles?

16:40 The time mindset shift when using the Sunday Basket

Lisa's Website:  www.Organize365.com

Lisa's Sunday Basket:  www.TheSundayBasket.com