[PODCAST] 205: How to Overcome the Anxiety of Getting Organized

Professional Organizer Julie Ulmer discusses the different forms of anxiety that may come along with organizing and how to manage or overcome them.

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1:20 Signals to look for when you think you might be overwhelmed and anxious

2:20 Identifying the physical aspects of anxiety

3:15 Why is organizing in general such a daunting task

5:00 Finding out the why behind the anxiety and trying to address that

5:58 The fear of getting distracted during your organizing

6:40 Julie gives a client example of WHY and how it was fixed

10:00 Ways that people could overcome the anxiety of tackling a project

12:18 Facing fears with a friend or even a pet!

13:30 Spoken words and visualization to help work through decluttering and organizing

16:30 Facing fears – it’s OK to ask for help

Julie's Website:  www.MindingYourManor.com