[PODCAST] 204: How to Get Organized When You Have an Extended or Chronic Illness - Part 2

Professional Organizer Julie Bestry discusses organizing yourself or someone else who suffers from an extended or chronic illness.

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2:00 Digital or Paper?  How to work in the new era of both.

5:40 What kinds of tools to use to store important documents

7:00 Having a broad system for organizing

7:35 Options beyond file folders or three ring binders for storage of paperwork

8:00 Julie discusses the Smead Healthcare and Wellness All in One Organizer

9:50 Being able to integrate digital and paper into your life and committing to a system

12:05 How to move beyond pretty organizing and using it properly

13:00 Setting alarms to help you remember what to do

15:18 Tying a task to something else

16:58 How getting organized can help you save money

19:40 Tips on saving on prescription drugs and additional resources:

Compare Pharmaceutical prices:  www.goodrx.com

Partnership for Prescription Assistance:  www.pparx.org

Medication Assistance:  www.needymeds.org

Extra Help for Medicare:  www.socialsecurity.gov/extrahelp

Medical Billing Advocates:  www.billadvocates.com

Julie's Website:  www.JulieBestry.com