[PODCAST] 199: Organizing Seniors - Part 1

Professional Organizer Joanna Laws discusses organizing seniors and the do's and don'ts when trying to downsize.

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1:45 Where to start when organizing seniors

2:45 Is “not knowing where to start” a common feeling?

4:10 How Joanna eases people into downsizing

6:00 What to take with, what to leave?

7:30 How many sessions, or how long does the process take?

10:35 The emotional attachment to pictures and how to sort them

12:30 How to coach someone to say goodbye to physical items

13:50 Keeping track of the new space layout and what will fit and what won’t

15:40 Organizing seniors who are staying in their home

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Joanna's Website:  www.SmoothTransitionsKWHouston.com