[PODCAST] 195: How to Prepare for an Emergency - Part 1

Professional Organizer Ellen Delap talks about Hurricane Harvey, the devastation it caused her hometown of Houston and how people can be more prepared for natural disasters.

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1:30 What Houston was like 2-3 days prior to Hurricane Harvey hitting

3:15 How close the flooding came to Ellen’s house

3:50 What’s happening now in the aftermath of Harvey

7:11 How to we prepare and have a piece of mind for an emergency

8:45 Having a small box of belongings readily available

11:36 Documents to have ready that you cannot afford to lose

13:45 The process of gathering your documents together

14:45 Are second copies necessary?

16:00 How to avoid getting overwhelmed when putting your kit together

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Ellen's Website:  www.Professional-Organizer.com